Sales of spare parts for 2CV and MEHARI

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Sales of spare parts for 2CV and MEHARI
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Everything to paint your 2CV, Dyane, Ami or Mehari on the online shop of the 2CV Mehari Club Cassis. For a perfect paint job, use our products guaranteeing the respect of the historical colour and an optimal quality. Our range of paints offers you several dozens of original paint colours in pots or spray cans. You will also find our various paint accessories: body filler, primer, specific painting tools such as spray guns, coveralls, masks or paint additives (hardener, thinners)...

Choosing the right body colour for your 2CV or Mehari?

Nearly 70 different colours for the 2CV were produced between 1949 and 1990. Initially available only in AC 109 grey (cormorant), this legendary car then adopted multiple body colours according to the fashions it followed or launched. Limited series also marked their time, such as the 2CV Dolly, Charleston, Spot or 007 with very specific paints. To find all these historical colours and select the reference of your choice, use our 2CV colour chart which will allow you to order the right paint colour for your favourite car in just a few clicks. The Mehari has only been offered in about ten colours throughout its history. Unlike the 2CV, the ABS bodywork of the Mehari has always been painted in the mass. However, it is common for an additional coat of paint of the same colour to be applied directly to the bodywork during renovation. To choose your Mehari colour, go directly to our colour chart here.

How much paint should I apply to my 2CV?

It all depends on what you need to repaint. It is normally necessary to count 4 kg for a complete bodywork. We offer two containers for our different paints: 400 ml spray cans or pots. The pots contain 1 kg of paint, 0.4 l of hardener and 0.2 l of thinners. They are ready to use and do not require any other additives. These so-called "Direct Gloss" paints do not require any varnish either.

How to paint a 2CV or Mehari?

Painting a car requires specific know-how and equipment. We advise you to contact our network of experts or to contact our Painting Department directly. If you do your own painting and use spray paint, we advise you in all cases to carry out a colour test before painting any part of your car, bearing in mind that the paintwork may have changed in shade over time. If you have to use several pots of the same colour, it is imperative to mix the whole to have a uniform colour and thus avoid nuances according to the pots used. Before painting, it is first necessary to prepare the dismantled body parts by sanding them to remove any oxidation areas. Then apply an anti-corrosion primer to the areas where the metal is bare to ensure good protection of the sheet metal. Then sand this primer to provide a smooth surface. We also advise you to degrease the whole surface with a degreaser before painting (no white spirit or acetone). Next comes the decisive stage of painting your 2CV. Start by wetting the floor to retain any dust, clean your spray gun before bleeding your air compressor and thoroughly dusting the bodywork and your various equipment with a blower. You can then apply the paint gently, avoiding drips or runs, while putting on enough paint to ensure a brilliant finish. You will need to apply two coats at approximately 5 to 10 minute intervals, ideally in a dry and warm place.



Painting the bodywork of your 2CV, Dyane or Mehari requires painting supplies and accessories that are perfectly adapted to your Citroën. Special ABS reinforced filler for Mehari, Sintofer filler spray filler, hardener, thinner, cold galvanising spray can, masking tape in various widths are just some of the bodywork or chassis paint supplies available on the 2CV Mehari Club Cassis website. Painters' equipment is also available, including overalls, masks and spray guns.