Sales of spare parts for 2CV and MEHARI

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Sales of spare parts for 2CV and MEHARI
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Network of Point-Relais partners

Do you want to have the parts that you buy from us fitted by a skilled specialist?
Looking for an expert to do the maintenance of your Méhari or 2CV?

Take advantage of our "POINT-RELAIS" network!


Our Point-Relais partners are 2CV and Méhari specialist repairers approved by the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis, part of a network throughout France and Europe. These automotive professionals were chosen for their skills, their dependability and their efficiency.

Our "POINT-RELAIS" partners’ commitments:

  • Repairs of your 2CV, Méhari or Dyane according to accepted working practices.
  • All technical advice and expertise necessary for the perfect maintenance of your vehicle.

How to enjoy the "pOINT-RELAIS" network?

  • Sign up for the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis Club card and get the details of the "Point-Relais" nearest you.
  • Buy your parts from 2V Méhari Club Cassis and enjoy Club discounts.
  • Get your orders delivered to a "Point-Relais" partner, and have the parts fitted for you.
Point-Relais partner providing spare parts receipts and mechanical repairs.
Point-Relais partner only providing mechanical repairs.